The group “Dev Priya” takes pride in running two potent and matchless recycle based Paper manufacturing companies – Dev Priya Papers Pvt Ltd and Dev Priya Industries Ltd. The group has 3 paper machines which manufactures kraft, semi- kraft and coated duplex board respectively. The group uses steam and electricity from its own power generation plant which has a bolier of 57 TPH and two turbines of 6mW and 4mW each.

"DEV PRIYA PAPERS PVT. LTD." is the first paper pant of our group which manufactures coated duplex board and is based totally on recycling waste paper.It started its functioning in 1988 and the initial total cost of project was jointly financed by the PICUP Ltd. and UPFC. Now the working capital requirement of the company is being fulfilled by Oriental Bank of Commerce, T.P. Nagar, Meerut. The Present installed capacity of the Paper Plant is approx 125 TPD. Along with the paper plant, the company has a Power generation plant of 10mW. The compnay is utilizing the plant capacity at its maximum and the turnover of the company is around 120 Crores. Company is technically viable and financially sound and the outside term liabilities have been totally repaid.


Latest News

  • Getting the machine rolled for the very first time on 17th August 1989, Dev Priya Papers Pvt Ltd. now feels immense pleasure and happiness to announce the success of 25years of business of the company.