Research & Development

Various Paper testing solutions finds application in maintaining quality of paper and packaging. When used at the production line, the Quality Control System installed runs the most critical tests on their own for 24/7 machine operation. Results transfer immediately to the automation system for process management control purposes. For a more thorough analysis of samples or for validating machine floor operation, R&D members tests off-line in the lab.


1. Degree SR Tester 2. Muffle Furnace ( Ash Tester)
3. Oven 4. Hot Plate
5. Stiffness Tester 6. GSM Tester
7. Weight Balance 8. Brightness Tester
9. Gloss Tester 10. Surface Oil Absorption
11. Thickness Tester 12. COBB Tester
13. Internal Bond Tester 14. BOD Tester
15. CV Tester    

Latest News

  • Getting the machine rolled for the very first time on 17th August 1989, Dev Priya Papers Pvt Ltd. now feels immense pleasure and happiness to announce the success of 25years of business of the company.