Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Dev Priya Papers Pvt Ltd. is committed to supply deffect free product to its customer irrespective of the circumstances we face. We believe in transparency with customer regarding product quality, delivery schedule and cleanliness of products.

Environment Policy

Dev Priya Papers Pvt Ltd is committed to reduce the impact of waste during the process by continual improvement in techniques, which controls the hazardous effect on environment. The goal is to commit and adhere all the regulatory requirements of pollution control board for achieving the same. The goal of policy is being achieved by installation of Effluent Treatment Plant in industry which helps in recycling the material at all possible stages. We believe in “Sound and Clean environment for the society”.

Latest News

  • Getting the machine rolled for the very first time on 17th August 1989, Dev Priya Papers Pvt Ltd. now feels immense pleasure and happiness to announce the success of 25years of business of the company.